what julian draxler really thinks

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Mathieu Debuchy of Arsenal during a training session on July 30, 2014 in Bad Waltersdorf, Austria

2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Anonymous: oh, please do! I really would like to use it for a video I'm planning on making. :3 thank you!

Here you go ;)

Hope it’s not too late

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This is the video for xx  (2014 World Cup - Brazil v. Netherlands)

and it’s the best one I could get….  

Bastian Schweinsteiger apologizes to Borussia Dortmund (x)

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roughly translated twitter fan session w/ uchida atsuto →


Fan: please say something to your fans?
Uchi: (such a troll)

Fan: what dog would you like to keep if you had to keep a dog?
Uchi: a big dog

Fan: what one rule do you have to know to be in soccer?
Uchi: the birds eye view of the pitch is different to…